Advanced Veils (Silk) Tuesdays with Koshtana (10wks): Sep-Nov 2017

Advanced Veils

How do you take your veil skills to the next level? Learn to dance with silk!

You’ve learnt the basics with a chiffon veil - so now it’s time to take the next step, and deepen your understanding of this beautiful but quietly demanding prop. Silk veils require more skill, strength and precision from the dancer than other veils, because of the way they travel through the air (sometimes apparently with a mind of their own!).

Enhance your grace, extend and suspend your muscles, and learn to lift, turn and move your body in ways that make your veil move softly, smoothly yet intensely powerfully.

This course includes the option to perform at our end of term Belly Dance Showcase on Sunday 26th November 2017, so you can be part of a performance that’s sure to leave your guests feeling enchanted and uplifted!

(By the way - are you an advanced dancer, but haven’t learnt veils before? We recommend you start with Beginners Veils first, so you can master the foundations before moving on to Advanced Veils.)

Our 10-week courses start every September, January and April.

Class Type:
7.50pm - 8.50pm
Nuffield Health Club, Covent Garden, Endell Street, WC2H 9SA (view map)
Tube station(s):
Covent Garden / Leicester Square / Holborn
Course type:
10 weeks
Yes (optional)
Start date:
Tuesday 12th September 2017
Half term:
Tuesday 24th October 2017
Last Class:
Tuesday 21st November 2017
Booking details:

Entry to the venue is up to 15 minutes before class start time.

Please note: students may use the gym's changing rooms and dance studio, but the use of any other facilities (e.g. showers, swimming pool etc.) is not permitted by the venue.

Fees are non-refundable / non transferable. Course price is total fee per person.