Single Fanveils Wednesdays with Koshtana (10wks): Sep-Nov 2017


Can you keep your fanveil fluttering while your body’s on holiday?

To keep a fanveil fluttering requires plenty of strength and rapid movement in your hand, wrist and arm - while the rest of your body looks calm and serene! The key to successfully dancing with a fanveil is to refine your isolation techniques - and that’s exactly what this course teaches you. Discover how to isolate your fanveil’s movements, alongside new ways of dancing and turning with fluidity and grace.

Do you find turns a challenge? Don’t panic! This course helps you tackle your turning fears in a new and colourful way. When you turn with a prop, you really have to master the technique - and you’ll see instantly when you’ve got it right because your fanveil will happily follow wherever you guide it.

You have the option to perform at our end of term Belly Dance Showcase on Sunday 26th November 2017 with this course - fluttering fanveils are always a real crowd pleaser!

Note: Fanveils are provided for use during classes, but are not available to take home. We advise investing in your own pair if you'd like to continue your practice at home. 

Our 10-week courses start every September, January and April.

Class Type:
8.50pm - 9.50pm
Nuffield Health Club, Covent Garden, Endell Street, WC2H 9SA (view map)
Tube station(s):
Covent Garden / Leicester Square / Holborn
Course type:
10 weeks
Yes (optional)
Start date:
Wednesday 13th September 2017
Half term:
Wednesday 25th October 2017
Last Class:
Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Booking details:

Entry to the venue is up to 15 minutes before class start time.

Please note: students may use the dance studio, but the use of any other facilities (e.g. showers, swimming pool etc.) is not permitted by the venue. Exit for late classes is before the venue closes at 9.55pm at the latest. Changing rooms will not be available after 9.50pm, so please have your coats/bags with you in the studio.

Fees are non-refundable / non transferable. Course price is total fee per person.