Book our student dancers

Do you need belly dance students for your event?

We have hundreds of students who dance with our School all year round. Three times a year, many of them join us on stage to perform at our end of term Belly Dance Showcase.

Some students are also eager for additional performance opportunities. They love to dance – and their passion and enthusiasm can light up any stage!

Student dancers are perfect for:

  • Charity fundraising events / galas
  • Free Exhibitions, festivals and events
  • Special occasions (weddings, parties etc.) with no specific entertainment budget

A live performance can add great energy to any event. If you can provide an opportunity for our students to dance, they’ll bring charisma, smiles – and of course, the shimmies! – to your event. You can see examples of our student performers on our YouTube channel.

Whether you need a solo dancer, or a group of 2, 3 or more, our volunteer students may be willing and able to take part in your event.

How it works

  • Unlike with our professional performance bookings, we won’t book the dancers for you
  • Instead, when you contact us we’ll share the details of your event with our students
  • Our students will let us know if they’re available to perform, and we’ll then pass their details to you
  • You can then liaise directly with the student(s) regarding your requirements
  • Once you’ve decided to go ahead, you can finalise the booking directly with the student(s)

If you’d like to book our students for your event, please email us with your event details (date, time, duration, space size, event type).

Disclaimer: Please note, once we’ve put you in touch with our students, full responsibility for the booking process and the performance lies with the students. We cannot be held liable for the outcome of any arrangements you make directly with the students.

Students! Do you love to perform?

We’re regularly approached by individuals and organisations who are looking for dancers to perform at their events. These range from exhibitions and charity fundraisers, to festivals and special occasions with no specific entertainment budget.

Performing at events is a great way to develop your stage experience – and, of course, it’s a fabulous opportunity to dance!

When we’re contacted by someone looking to book student dancers, we’ll send out an email to our students with the event details. If you’re available and would like to take part, you can let us know – and we’ll then put you in touch with the event organiser. From that point, you’ll liaise directly with the event organiser to finalise the details and confirm the booking.

If you’re a Level 3 or above student and you’d like to be included on our performance opportunity email list, please let us know by emailing

Happy dancing!