Charity work

Charity work

Although we’ve been performing and teaching at charity events & fundraisers periodically for the last 12 years, we only started having the opportunity to teach directly at charity centers since 2015.

As belly dancing has become more mainstream, and a more widely accepted form of exercise – beneficial for both mind and body – we’ve been able to reach a wider group of women than only those who pay to attend our school.

We teach men too! But currently, charities have been more open to us teaching women at their centres. That may soon change 🙂

belly dance charity events

Classes subsidised by us

We know that belly dancing brings many benefits to body and mind, and we’re passionate about sharing its healing qualities with people who are affected by serious illness or other traumatic life events.

Thanks to the profitability of our school, we’re able to reinvest a portion of our school course fees into providing free classes to charitable organisations who operate in and around London.

We’re particularly keen to work with charities who support women dealing with life-changing illness or trauma, as well as charities dedicated to carers of loved ones coping with serious illness.

We’re always happy to receive enquiries from any charity, no matter the focus of their work, if they feel that belly dance classes may be suitable for the programme of activities they offer their service users.

We’ve provided several workshops for Ovacome, a charity which supports women dealing with ovarian cancer, and you can read about our time with those wonderful women on Ovacome’s website here.

How it works

  • We can provide one-off classes or 5-week short courses (1 class a week for 5 weeks) depending on what suits your programme
  • The classes are subsidised by the Fleur Estelle Dance School, meaning there is no charge to the charity or class participants
  • If you have your own communal space, we can teach at your venue. Or, we’ll hire and pay for a nearby studio and hold the class(es) there
  • All you have to do is let your service users know when and where the class(es) will be!

(A quick logistical note: at the moment, we’re only able to provide classes in central London, or at venues with easy access to an underground station in Greater London.)

Why we think belly dancing makes a difference

By nature, belly dancing is a grounding, positive, celebratory and fully inclusive activity. It can be adjusted to suit almost any level of physical capability, and is appropriate for any age, body type and gender.

Belly dancing can be a gentle, low impact form of exercise which:

  • helps to strengthen muscles, improve posture and aid overall fitness
  • helps to improve balance, co-ordination and flexibility
  • provides a positive and empowering way to reconnect with the body during or after a period of illness
  • provides an opportunity to leave all cares at the door and enjoy something new, fun, absorbing and wonderfully refreshing

To discover more about the benefits of belly dancing (and there are many!) take a look at: Why belly dance?

If you’d like to talk about introducing belly dance classes to your activity programme, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.