Course visits

Course visits

Each term, we’re able to make some of our courses available for course visits. This means you can take a few classes without booking the full course, which can be a great option for:

  • Testing a new level, fusion or style to see if the course will be suitable for you*
  • Taking a few classes of a course if you aren’t able to make the full 10 (or 5) weeks
  • Taking some extra classes alongside a course you’re fully enrolled on

*(If you’re sure you want to take a particular course, we’d recommend you book the full course upfront. We never know when courses will sell out, so booking the full course will absolutely guarantee your place.)

Here’s how it works

  • One course visit = 1 class, and the cost is £13 per visit
  • Students can visit a 10 week course a maximum of 4 times (i.e. take 4 classes)
  • On a performance course, the option to visit is restricted to the first 4 weeks of the term. We can’t offer course visits after week 4 as each course will begin to learn its own show choreography from week 5 onwards.
  • On a non-performance course, the option to visit is possible during the first 8 weeks of the term. (Non-performance courses don’t learn show choreographies, so they’re more flexible for visiting students)
  • Students can visit a 5 week course a maximum of 3 times (i.e. take 3 classes). These can be taken at any point during the 5 week course.
  • If you visit a course and then decide you’d like to enrol on the full course, we’ll deduct the £13 course visit fee from the full course price. You then simply pay the remaining amount to book the rest of the course.
  • Course visits are only possible on courses that aren’t fully booked, and each course has a limited number of visitor places. If a course is fully booked, we aren’t able to offer a visiting option. Once all visitor places have been booked, we can’t offer any further visits for that class.
  • As each course has a limited number of visitor places, course visits must be booked and paid for in advance online. If you want to visit a course, please be sure you can definitely attend, as the £13 fee is non-refundable.
  • The classes on our 10 and 5 week courses follow a sequential order and students who are taking the full course make progress week by week. This means we can’t adapt the content of any class for a visiting student. If, for example, you visit a course on week 3, you may have missed a couple of techniques that were taught during weeks 1 and 2. You’ll still be able to learn during the course visit, but the continued progression of our enrolled students takes priority, in line with the original class plan.
  • Courses will be made available for visits at various stages during the first couple of weeks of term, when we know which courses will have enough space for visiting students. Do keep your eye out as we often add a course visiting option after the course has started.
  • If you don’t see a visiting option listed for a course you’re interested in, this will either be because the course is fully booked, or because all visitor places have been booked. In either case, this means we have no further visiting places available on that course.
  • Want to take a class or two? Available course visits can be booked below:

Upcoming “visit” classes

Course visits will be listed again from the beginning of next term.

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