Create-Perfect-Perform (CPP) with Lana: (10wks) Apr-Jun 2019

Are you up for a new kind of challenge?

Learn to create the act, perfect the movements and perform your masterpiece at our end of term Belly Dance Showcase.


Learning to dance is an empowering experience – and learning to create your own choreography is a whole new level of empowerment! For the first couple of weeks on this course, you’ll learn how to approach the creative process. You’ll discover the methodologies we can use to select and sequence moves to create flowing, rhythmical routines. You’ll also choose your favourite song(s), and start to create your very own act for the show, with expert guidance and mentoring from Lana throughout.


Next up, it’s time to start perfecting your creativity! Using feedback from Lana and your fellow dancers – as well as your own review process – you can tweak your choreography as many times as you like. Now’s the time to challenge yourself to move beyond your comfort zone, experiment with different elements, and perfect a masterpiece of which you can be proud.

This isn’t a techniques course. Instead, it’s about increasing your self-awareness, and developing your skills as a creative dancer both through interactive learning in class and via homework assignments. By joining this course, you’ll be devoting time to upgrading your skills, and improving your dancing through accepting constructive feedback. This course is for dedicated and passionate belly dance amateurs, or budding semi-professionals.


What better way to let your creativity shine than to perform your perfected masterpiece at the end of term Belly Dance Showcase? You’ll have a chance to flex your performance muscles first by rehearsing in class. You’ll be able to regularly build your confidence throughout the course so you’re ready to shimmy on stage at the show. Performance is compulsory with this course, and you’ll be assigned a solo, duet or trio performance – or you can register your preference in advance.

Who can create, perfect and perform?

This course is suitable for students who’ve completed at least Level 3, but is also perfect for students who are at Levels 4, 5 or 6. Essentially, this course is for anyone who wants to discover and develop their inner creativity!

If you’ve done Level 3, you already have plenty of tools in your coinbelt to create your own stunning choreography. For students on Level 4, 5 and 6 – this course will give you the opportunity to put into practise all those complex and challenging moves you’ve learnt in your courses to create your own advanced routines.

This course is not only essential for self-development, but is also recommended for anyone wanting to audition to join the Fleur Estelle Dance Company in the future.

Places are limited, and entry is subject to an application form.


Performance at the Belly Dance Showcase is on Saturday 29th June 2019.


Class Type:Create-Perfect-Perform
Time:8.30pm – 9.30pm
Location:Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley Street, London WC2H 9JA
Tube Station(s):Covent Garden / Holborn / Leicester Square
Course Type:10 weeks
Performance:Yes – performance at the Showcase on Saturday 29th June 2019
Start Date:Friday 26th April 2019
Half Term:No half term break on this course
Last Class:Friday 28th June 2019
Show Date:Saturday 29th June 2019

Location map

Why now?

Because spring brings with it renewed energy and vitality… and longer, lighter evenings 🙂 Harness nature’s natural power and let your creativity bloom!

belly dance students

Book your place today

Entry to the venue is up to 15 minutes before class start time. Please sign in at reception on arrival then head to the studio to dance with us!

And just a heads up: Pineapple is the smallest studio we use, so it’s not quite as airy as some of our other hired venues (which is why we don’t hold classes there in the summer). We love the cosy space! But if you’re sensitive to air in your environment, please feel free to email us before booking this course if you have any concerns.

Disclaimer: As with any form of exercise, be sure to listen to your body and only do what feels comfortable for you. Your instructor will guide you safely through each class, but please note that you are responsible for your personal health at all times. Please speak to your doctor if you have any concerns before joining our classes. Healthy bodies are happy bodies!

Fees are non-refundable. If you miss 1 or 2 classes, you can take up to 2 replacement classes (subject to T&C here). You may also transfer your place to a friend if you can no longer make it, or apply for a future term transfer (subject to T&C here)

Before booking this course, please ensure you submit this application form. Your place on the course must be approved before you book.

Course prices

The course price to perform a SOLO at the Showcase is £130, plus the £20 Performance Bundle.

Discount alert! If you register with your friends to perform a DUET or a TRIO, you’ll pay:

Duet: £110 per person (use the code CPPDUET at checkout to apply the £20 discount), plus the £20 Performance Bundle

Trio: £100 per person (use the code CPPTRIO at checkout to apply the £30 discount), plus the £20 Performance Bundle

(When you sign up as part of a duet or trio, please let us know the name(s) of your friend(s) you’ll be performing with so that we can register your act on the course.)

Read full information about the performance bundle here.

If you need to pay in instalments, please email us and we’ll be happy to discuss payment options with you.

Want to perform a duet or trio, but signing up without your friends? Email us and let us know, and we’ll see if we can match you up with another student who wants to perform a duet/trio too. If we can make a match we’ll let you know, and you’ll be welcome to book your discounted place.

£150.00Add to cart

What to wear

Comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in!

For example:

  • leggings
  • a short or long top
  • barefoot / anti-slip socks / flexible sole slipper
  • optional coinbelt / hipscarf

Don’t have a coinbelt? We sell some in classes, or you can simply bring a winter scarf to wrap around your hips. Some students don’t wear a scarf nor a belt so don’t worry if you prefer to opt out!

Get inspired!

“It is a huge self-esteem booster when your own body impresses you.” – Katia (one of our wonderful students)

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