Zills Workshop – 5th April 2020

Do you want to hear music as you’ve never heard it before?

Then pick up your zills and let’s go! They may only be small, but zills (or finger cymbals) hold the key to a whole new kingdom of rhythm and musicality! Improve your dexterity and co-ordination as you learn to make the right sounds, and create magical combinations of rhythms that add a cheeky sense of fun or dramatic excitement to any routine.

How many people can dance and play a musical instrument at the same time? You’ll be one of them if you belly dance with finger cymbals! And once you’ve zilled, we’re willing to bet that you’ll find yourself hearing their rhythms wherever you go!

Note: Zills are provided for use during classes. Limited places in the class due to number of zills  available for borrowing.


Class Type:Zills Workshop
Time:1.00pm – 2.30pm
Location:Nuffield Health Club, 9 Endell Street, WC2H 9SA
Tube station(s):Covent Garden / Holborn / Leicester Square
Date:Sunday 5th April 2020

Location map

Why now?

Because the power of spring is all around us! Harness nature’s energy and let the vitality of the new season support your journey forward. Try something new, push yourself to the next level or re-engage with knowledge you stored long ago 🙂


Book your place today

Entry to the venue is up to 15 minutes before class start time. Please sign in at reception on arrival (you don’t need to be a member of Nuffield) then head to the studio to dance with us!

Please note: Students may use the gym’s changing rooms and dance studio, but the use of any other facilities (e.g. showers, swimming pool etc.) is not permitted by the venue.

Disclaimer: As with any form of exercise, be sure to listen to your body and only do what feels comfortable for you. Your instructor will guide you safely through each class, but please note that you are responsible for your personal health at all times. Please speak to your doctor if you have any concerns before joining our classes. Healthy bodies are happy bodies!

Fees are non-refundable.

Workshop price is total fee per person.

£25.00Read more

What to wear

Comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in!

For example:

  • leggings
  • a short or long top
  • barefoot / anti-slip socks / flexible sole slipper
  • optional coinbelt / hipscarf

Don’t have a coinbelt? We sell some in classes, or you can simply bring a winter scarf to wrap around your hips. Some students don’t wear a scarf nor a belt so don’t worry if you prefer to opt out!

Get inspired!

“It is a huge self-esteem booster when your own body impresses you.” – Katia (one of our wonderful students)