New To Belly Dance?

Welcome to belly dance!

Round belly or flat belly?

It doesn’t matter! Any belly is perfect for belly dancing. And you don’t even need to show your belly if you don’t want to!

Learning to belly dance is like teaching your body a new language. It inspires joy, confidence, and helps you to feel ‘at home’ in your body and yourself.

Level 1 is the best place to start

As with any journey in life, you start – from the start! And our start is Level 1.

Our Level 1 courses are perfect for beginners with no previous dance experience. The basic techniques are broken down from the start, and our instructors are here to help you every step of the way.

And you don’t need fancy costumes to learn to belly dance – all you need is clothes that you feel comfortable in, and that let you move and stretch. At Level 1, you can take the classes barefoot or wear light dance slippers.

Try a class or join a course! We currently have online drop-in classes (pay as you go or monthly pass) every Thursday and Saturday, as well as goal-orientated 5-week and 10-week courses a few times a year:

Celebrate who you are

We passionately believe that anyone can learn to belly dance. We pride ourselves on creating a happy and supportive environment for students to start exploring this wonderful artform. Its progressive nature means you can really see your own personal growth and development along the way. And, of course, the more you practise, the more you’ll be able to perfect your new-found skills!

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Music to move to

We love the music of belly dancing, and we dance to music from many countries including Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and North Africa. We use lyrical music, instrumental music, drum music – and occasionally we’ll add a little something unexpected, just to keep you on your toes! Check out our list of music recommendations here. Just a couple of beats are sure to get you in the mood to shimmy!

Once upon a shimmy…

The cultural heritage of belly dancing is rich with tradition and ancient wisdom. The dance as we know it today draws inspiration from many different origins around the world.

At its heart, belly dancing encourages you to move your body with fluidity and grace, as well as precision and control.

The dance as we know it today has evolved through different ages and stages, and continues to creatively develop every day as its’ popularity just keeps on rising.

You can’t seal off cultures and stop ideas moving from one to another. It’s inevitable. It’s so valuable

To discover more about the history of belly dancing, click here.

The Fleur Estelle School journey

Sometimes we’re asked what style of belly dancing we teach… which is a pretty tricky question to answer, given the way belly dancing has evolved! And because we offer a fairly diverse range of courses at our School, one label just won’t cover them all.

So, here’s what we offer:

  • Belly Dance Level 1 – 6 (best described as Oriental Pop Belly Dance)
  • Drum Solo Belly Dance Level 2-6 (an extension of the above, emphasising the percussive nature of the movements and focusing more on drums music)
  • Tribal Fusion Belly Dance (think more snake-like muscle control!)
  • And various other creative hybrid fusions that we run occasionally (such as Belly-Bollywood etc)

If you’re keen to know more detail about the different styles, you can find a full explanation here.

No two belly dancing schools are the same, and each offers their own individual belly dance experience. It’s a very subjective artform that’s constantly evolving and being reinterpreted. Even the words and labels associated with styles and techniques can vary from school to school.

Since belly dancing is a visual art, one of the best ways to discover its many layers is to see it in action! Our YouTube channel is packed full of videos that can give you a great insight into its different styles.

For more information on how our School works, click here.

And you can find details about the different classes we offer here.

This means everything can be pretty confusing to begin with!

We look forward to welcoming you to your first steps on your beautiful belly dance journey!