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Fleur Estelle School

We’re a supportive team of instructors who are passionate about belly dancing, and passionate about teaching others. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, a fun way to increase your fitness, or to develop your self-confidence, our classes are designed to help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

We’re also a community of belly dance students, eager to learn, excited about meeting new friends and sharing our love for belly dancing together!

How our school works

We offer online:

We offer in London:

Let our dedicated team of instructors, all trained and mentored by Fleur Estelle (and who are all as in love with belly dancing as she is!) teach and guide you on your dance journey.

Our classes are structured around our carefully developed teaching methodologies, and provide a fun, safe and supportive environment to learn and/or develop belly dance skills.

The belly dance school year

Our drop-in classes run all year around*. These don’t need to be booked in advance – you can simply turn up, sign in at reception, pay cash direct to the instructor – and dance!

*Except on UK public holidays such as bank holiday Mondays, Easter weekend and Christmas weekend due to venue closures at that time.

For courses, we divide the year into four terms:

  • T1: January – March (10 week courses)
  • T2: April – June (10 week courses)
  • T3: July – August (5 week courses in July and 5 week courses in August)
  • T4: September – November (10 week courses)

Each class on a course runs on the same day, at the same time, and same venue for 10 (or 5) consecutive weeks. So, for example, in T1, a Level 1 course may be held at Pineapple Studios on Fridays from 6.30pm – 7.30pm for 10 consecutive weeks, with a half term break in the middle.

We have different levels, ranging from 1 for beginners to 6 for the most advanced students. We also offer Drum Solo, belly dancing with props, Tribal Fusion and other fusion dances. For a full explanation of our course themes, click here.

Our class sizes vary depending on the venue where they’re taught, and whether or not additional space is needed for props. Some of the venues’ studios have space for 8 students, while others have space for 18 – and everything in between.

Course visits

We’re sometimes able to offer the option of visiting a course by taking a few classes without enrolling on the full course. This is subject to certain conditions – for full information about course visits, click here.

End of term show

At the end of T1, T2 and T4 we hold our Belly Dance Showcase. This is an end of term celebration for students who are enrolled on performance courses and who’d like to take part in the Showcase.

Performance vs non-performance courses

Our performance courses offer students the option to perform in the end of term Belly Dance Showcase. Performance courses teach techniques as well as a choreography for the Showcase performance. Participation in the show is optional on the majority of courses, but is decided at enrolment time for some Level 5 and 6 courses (where indicated).

Our non-performance courses focus purely on teaching techniques. Short combinations of moves are created and set to music to help with transitions between techniques, instead of learning one choreography to a full song. Since there’s no option to perform at the Belly Dance Showcase with these courses, there is more time for technique depth and focus.

Additional Resources

We aim to make it really hassle-free for our students to enjoy our classes. We’re always at the end of an email, seven days a week, so if you need anything at all please feel free to ask. We do have a contact phone number, although sometimes we might be teaching or performing so we can’t always guarantee we’ll be able to answer your first call. If your call isn’t answered, please feel free to drop us an email so we can get back to you straight away. Our instructors are also happy to answer questions you might have during your classes, so please don’t feel shy about asking!

We provide choreography notes and videos for students on performance courses to help practice for the Showcase. We offer the option to take a substitute class if you’re enrolled on a course with us and you miss a lesson or two. We also have various information articles (e.g. lists of music recommendations, advice on taking care of costumes etc.) which are freely available for our students to access. We have a small selection of costumes available to purchase, and we also offer a ‘costume recycling’ scheme for students to sell their pre-loved costumes to others in the School.

Where should I start?

If you’re a complete beginner, or you have very limited belly dance experience, our Level 1 courses are the perfect place for you to start.

If you’ve done some belly dancing before, and/or you’re joining us from another school, there are a few ways to help you find your place in our School:

  • Attend a drop-in class to see how comfortable you feel with the level (see details of all our drop-in classes here). You can also ask the instructor to assess you during the class, and she’ll be happy to give you her advice on the best level for you afterwards.
  • Meet one of our instructors for a 5 – 10 minute assessment of your current techniques.
  • Send us a recent video of you dancing, which we can then use to assess you and email you our advice.
  • Take a look at the level requirements on the course pages of our website. (However, please note these are only for general guidance and do not provide detailed requirements of previous experience.)

It’s important to know that different schools will teach belly dancing in different ways. The levels in our School won’t necessarily correspond to those in other schools. If you join a course with us, you may find there are some moves you’ve previously learnt at a lower level in another school. Equally, you may find there are some techniques we’ve taught very early on that aren’t covered until later in other schools.

This isn’t a good or a bad thing – but it does mean there may be a short period of adjustment when moving between belly dance schools.

We believe a good class has just the right mix of familiarity, challenge and fun – and that’s what we aim to deliver. Because we want you to find the perfect place for you within our School, let us give you our advice, offer any guidance you need, and address any concerns you may have.

We look forward to welcoming you to our belly dancing home!

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