Private 1-to-1 Online Classes

Online classes

Learn to belly dance with us anywhere in the world

The Fleur Estelle Dance School is based in London (UK) and this is where we do all of our in-person teaching. But, you don’t need to live in London (or even in the UK) to learn to dance with us.

Online 1-to-1 private classes

We can offer online classes via Zoom wherever you are in the world. Location doesn’t need to be a barrier to learning with our instructors. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, a webcam and a microphone, you can take private classes with any of our instructors, wherever you live right now. Don’t have a computer? No problem! Your phone or your tablet will work just as well too.

How it works

Online classes work in exactly the same way as our regular 1-to-1 private classes, except that the instructor isn’t physically in the room with you.

When you book an online class, your instructor will ask you what you’re looking to learn and what your goals are. She’ll then structure your classes accordingly, and you’ll be able to see, hear and speak to her during your real-time classes.

The benefits

Apart from the obvious (i.e. being able to learn with our instructors wherever you are in the world), online classes offer the same benefits as regular 1-to-1 tuition:

  • As the only person in the class, you get the undivided attention of your instructor
  • This means you can choose the aspects, techniques and styles you’d like to focus on
  • You can set your own personal goals which your instructor can guide you towards
  • You can set the pace of your progression – your instructor can teach as slowly or quickly as you prefer!
  • You can choose the day and time that’s most convenient for you
  • If you have a specific event coming up that you need a choreography for, our instructor can work collaboratively with you during your classes to create the perfect routine for you


Online classes with our instructors are £40 per hour (or £25 for 30 mins). Online classes with Fleur are £75 per hour (or £40 for 30 mins).

The cost for a 1-to-1 online class is the same as for 1-to-2 (i.e. two people in the class). For online classes with more than two students, additional fees apply.


If you’re interested in booking online classes, please contact us via the form below with:

  • Your country and timezone
  • The date and time you’d like your first class (please give a few options)

As soon as we receive your form, we check our instructors’ availability and contact you to confirm the booking.

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    Cancelation Policy

    Please note, once you have confirmed an online class with us, fees will apply if the class is cancelled with less than 48 hrs notice. 50% of the class fee will be due for cancellations with notice between 48 hrs – 24 hrs, whilst 100% of the fee will be due for cancellations with less than 24 hrs notice.