Online Classes

Learn with us through Zoom livestream

Connect with us, from wherever you are in the world! Our class times are in British Summer Time = BST
Here’s a handy site so you can convert BST to your own timezone.

Weekly virtual 1-hour classes on a drop-in / ad hoc basis

— This is the last week of this current schedule (for July zoom schedule click here) —

Thursday 16th June 2022

Level 1+ at 5.15pm (BST) with Fleur

Level 2/3 at 6.30pm (BST) with Fleur

Level 4 at 7.45pm (BST) with Fleur


Saturday 18th June 2022

Level 1+ at 2.00pm (BST) with Fleur

Level 2/3 at 3.15pm (BST) with Fleur

Level 4 at 4.35pm (BST) with Fleur

Level 5/6 at 5.50pm (BST) with Sofia


Catchup class recordings available for streaming 1 week in case you miss the live class 🙂


To book a class: pay £13 online here and in the order comments box let us know **which class and date** you’d like to join. We’ll then send the relevant Zoom URL to you.

If you’re experiencing financial struggle, you can join our class for a donation of a different amount such as £7 / £10 etc (minimum donation is £5). These donations are made by bank transfer. Email us for our bank details, then let us know once you’ve made the payment and which class you’d like to join.

Thank you!


If you don’t receive an order confirmation email from us after booking please check your spam inbox. You can also add our email address ( to your contacts list.

You need fast speed internet to fully benefit from our livestream class. You may want to do a Zoom test with a friend first (by doing a quick video call for example) before purchasing our non-refundable classes.

Health & Safety

  • Check your surrounding area to be sure you won’t trip over anything on the floor (just in case!)
  • For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept beginner/improver students into the advanced class – we can only accept advanced students in the advanced class

Disclaimer: As with any form of exercise, be sure to listen to your body and only do what feels comfortable for you. Your instructor will guide you safely through each class, but please note that you are responsible for your personal health and safety at all times.

How to take part

  • Have the same name displayed on your Zoom account as the name you registered for the class with so that we can cross-check your attendance with our class register and grant you access to the class
    –> Enter the Zoom link up to 5mins before class starts
  • Join the class on time to avoid being held in the online waiting room during the several warm-up songs 🙂
  • Have your device’s video and mic switched on so that you can communicate with the instructor during the class, and so that the instructor can make corrections or advise you on techniques. Keep mic muted when songs are playing, to avoid interference noise; they will be switched on only when we need to communicate vocally between us.
    –> We appreciate you having your video on, it facilitates social connection in a time of isolation.
  • Use the fastest internet you have available, and close other apps / programs on your device that could slow down the Zoom livestream.


If you have any issues during an online class, here are some tech fixes we recommend you try:

  • Click on ‘audio settings’ to double check your device’s sound settings
  • Leave the meeting and go back in again (sometimes that magically resolves any problems)
  • Leave the meeting, restart your computer and go back into the meeting
  • Ensure your computer doesn’t have any other programs / processes running at the same time as the class
We are hosting these classes from our paid-for Zoom account, so each class will last for 60 minutes, plus a few minutes at the start and end for hellos / Zoom welcome / goodbyes. If you see a 40-minute maximum duration mentioned when you’re signing up, don’t worry – that doesn’t apply to our account because we have paid for the Pro Zoom account. You can attend the 60-minute class from your free account 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason the class doesn’t work for you (i.e. unexpected tech issues), we can transfer your fees for you to join another online class the following week.

Not sure how to get ZOOM?

You can download and create a FREE Zoom account on your laptop or tablet. Follow this link to sign up.

The application will install on your computer or laptop when you join your first meeting. You can find apps for your tablet on these links:

For Android devices

For Apple iOS devices

When you register for a class, we’ll send you the Zoom URL for that class. You’ll need to click on that link at the time the class is due to start.