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In Studio: 10-week course with Sofia from Fleur Estelle School + optional end of term performance


Amongst other things, challenge yourself with even more complex layering, belly rolls, another new camel (this time, the string camel!), the head figure of 8 - and let’s demystify the windmill turn, once and for all!


Wednesdays: 1 hour each week from 10th January 2024 until 20th March 2024

Half term no class on the 31st January 2024


Time: 7:10pm until 8:10pm



Nuffield Health Club Covent Garden

9 Endell Street, London WC2H 9SA


Nearest tube stations: Covent Garden (1 min), Leicester Square (4mins), Holborn (7mins)


Course structure:

Week 1-5 Foundation techniques and combinations
Week 6-8 Full choreography to a 2-3mins song taught
Week 9-10 Refining & Consolidation
Peppered throughout the course: Feedback, Q&A, meet fellow class mates, team improvisation exercises to develop confidence & magic!


--> Optional end of term performance Saturday 27th April 2024