Replacement Classes

Replacement Classes

We totally understand that it’s not always possible to attend every class on a 10-week or 5-week course. (Life happens!)

So, we’re happy to offer the option of taking a replacement class (or two), and here’s how it works:

  • We can offer a maximum of 2 replacement classes per 10-week course, or 1 replacement class per 5-week course
  • We’ll make a range of classes available as replacements when each term starts, so you can choose whichever suits you best
  • To request your replacement class(es), please submit the form below. We’ll then email you within 48 hours of receiving your form to confirm and book your replacement class(es) for you

While we always do our very best to provide each student’s preferred replacement class option, we do have a few constraints that have to be taken into consideration each term.

Replacement classes are only available…

  • On courses that aren’t fully booked or very near to maximum capacity
  • During weeks 1 – 4 of term for performance courses
  • During weeks 1 – 8 of term for non-performance courses
  • To be taken during the same term as the missed class(es)
  • Once we’ve confirmed and booked your replacement class for you, we won’t be able to reschedule it – so please be sure that you’ll definitely be able to attend the class you choose!

If the list of replacement class options doesn’t include the class you want to take, that’ll be because the course is fully booked, or too close to maximum capacity, so there simply isn’t the physical space to accommodate additional students in those classes.

Please be aware that replacement classes are designed purely to give you an opportunity to make up the dancing time from the class you’ve missed on the course you’ve booked. Replacement classes are not designed to cover the exact same content in the exact same order as was taught in the class you missed.

To help you get the most enjoyment out of your replacement class, we recommend choosing a class that’s a similar level to the course you’re enrolled on.

Our instructors aren’t able to alter the pace of a class to accommodate students taking replacement classes, so as not to disrupt the continuity of the classes for students who are enrolled on the full course.

Request a replacement class

To request replacement classes, please email us or submit the form below, letting us know which class(es) you’ve missed, and which replacement class(es) you’d like to take on which date.

The available replacement classes this term are below.

Drop-in classes:

  • L1 drop-in Sat @ 12.45pm – Nuffield Covent Garden
  • L2/3 drop-in Sat @ 1.45pm – Nuffield Covent Garden
  • L4 drop-in Sat @ 3.15pm – Nuffield Covent Garden
  • L5/6 drop-in Sat @ 4.15pm – Nuffield Covent Garden

By the way, if we book a Saturday drop-in as one of your replacement classes, we highly recommend arriving in time for the class. This might sound odd – but there’s method to our madness! We never know how many students will join us at each drop-in, and if we reach the studio’s maximum capacity we’ll have to turn latecomers away. So to make sure you get your space in the class, please arrive on time 🙂

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