Arina is a qualified fitness and Pilates instructor, yoga devotee and all-round dance fanatic. She discovered belly dancing in 2006 when she saw a poster for Fleur’s classes in the gym and she dared her brother to join her for the first class (he loved it, by the way!).

Since then, Arina has embarked on a lifelong journey of belly dance development. She is a founding member and instructor of the Fleur Estelle Dance Company and School. Her sports background gives her an increased awareness of the body and the many health benefits of belly dancing.

Arina is incredibly motivated and dynamic, spreading enthusiasm (and plenty of humour!) throughout the room whilst sharing the secrets of belly dancing for all to enjoy. Arina discovered an affinity with Tribal Fusion early on in her belly dance journey, and is now our resident Tribal Fusion expert.

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How did you meet Fleur?
I first met Fleur in 2006, by joining her drop in belly dance classes in the gym. I was a gym bunny and attended lots of exercise and dance classes – but my muscles never worked the way they do in belly dancing before!

What is it about Tribal Fusion that you love?
As soon as I discovered Tribal Fusion, it captivated me. It speaks my language, it has my energy written all over it. Subtle power, mystery and some kind of a dark magic – that’s what attracted me to it. And, of course, the physical challenge!

What’s your favourite thing about teaching belly dance?
Sharing my knowledge, helping students to achieve their goals, sharing my discoveries which come from analysis, from mistakes and errors, through pushing the boundaries. Also sharing good mood, excitement and happiness through music and dance, giggles and cheekiness.

You’d never guess…

Arina loves scuba diving, plays three different musical instruments and can spend many happy hours in the park feeding squirrels and ducks!

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What our students say

Tribal Fusion classes with Arina are perfect for anyone looking for very advanced, technical, demanding and rewarding training in tribal dancing. She brings this sports and discipline attitude combined with art and fluidity of this dance – I always know I would learn something new and improve ~ Agnieszka

It was perfect. Arina is the best dancer and teacher. I am very
happy with everything of this course. ~Estefania Bori

Arina has a unique and creative style when she teaches which is both fun and challenging to learn from. She has a natural flair and grace and her classes are taught with precision of movement with emphasis on muscle control and intricacy of the movements learnt. ~Penelope

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We absolutely loved the class! It was the perfect activity to bring the group together, have a laugh and learn something new! We all left wanting to take up belly dancing! Arina was great at explaining the move in practical terms! We also really enjoyed it when we could pick our own move to choreograph a dance together. ~ Claire

The teacher, Arina, was very nice and brought belts for everyone. She taught us all the basic moves and then a choreography. It was a very fun evening. ~ Camille