Dionne found her calling and clicked with belly dancing – before she’d even had a single lesson! She saw a class on TV, and instantly knew it was what she’d been looking for. So, she booked her first Level 1 course at the Fleur Estelle Dance School and, as she’d suspected, she was totally hooked forever more!

An endlessly supportive instructor whose passion never fails to inspire her students, Dionne is also our go-to dancer when we want to add some cheeky Turkish Fusion fun and flair to a choreo routine!

Dionne also brings with her invaluable experience and knowledge as she taught in the School and performed with the Company throughout all three of her pregnancies. She’s our resident prenatal belly dance class instructor, and has first-hand experience of the benefits belly dancing can bring to mother and baby.

Discover more about Dionne

What benefits did belly dance give you during your pregnancies?
Belly dance has had a profound effect on my pregnancies and recoveries. I felt very bonded to my baby and felt that I was dancing with him, rather than simply dancing while pregnant. I always felt energised after dancing whereas if I didn’t do any dancing, I would feel sluggish. I missed dancing with my babies in my belly when I returned from maternity leave!

What’s your favourite thing about teaching belly dance?
No class is the same! There is a wealth of variety in how you deliver classes. I love the unity of the class, and the interesting students I meet. It’s an amazing feeling to watch students conquer their most challenging move and see their confidence increase! I also enjoy how creative Fleur encourages us all to be and how independent we can be.

What makes you look forward to the Belly Dance Showcase?
I’m always so happy to see the students perform the choreos we teach them in class and how they have interpreted the choreo in their dance. I get such a happy feeling seeing how performing on stage transforms students in a positive way. I also love performing in the Troupe and the hard work and collective power and passion we bring to our choreos.

You’d never guess…

Dionne has a degree in Sociology specialising in Feminist and Gender Issues, loves gothic/rock/metal music, and she used to have pink and blue hair!

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