Edit fell in love with belly dancing when she lived in Hungary. She saw some dancers moving together in perfect synchronicity and knew that she wanted to be part of that magic! It took her a while to build enough courage to join her first class but she hasn’t stopped since then: the hobby quickly became a passion.

After moving to London, she continued her training with various instructors until she found the Fleur Estelle Dance School. She progressed through the levels and different courses in the School, after which she successfully auditioned for the Troupe and has been a part of our pro Company ever since.

Edit has a wide dance repertoire which includes Latin dances like Salsa and Bachata, but belly dancing remains her number one love!

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Has belly dancing changed your life?
Yes, it transformed me a lot! Firstly it helped to build my self-confidence and body-acceptance. I went to my first few classes in loose T-shirts and never thought that a year later I would dance in front of an audience showing my belly! Also via dancing I realised that I actually like moving! Before I was sitting all day at work and never desired any exercise but then I started enjoying physical activities and wanted more and more. Now I understand that my brain needs to be “switched off” time to time, lose myself and just be in my body.

What’s your favourite belly dance move?
My favourite moves are the soft, smooth moves like fig of 8s and maya. Although they require a lot of muscle control I find them relaxing and calming. Sometimes I feel I could do them for hours.

What’s been your favourite Troupe performance so far?
Luckily I have been in a quite few performances so not easy to choose one. I would highlight Baladi Awal. In this choreography I felt every beats came from my heart, no thinking, just following the flow and the emotions.

You’d never guess…

Edit travels everywhere by motorbike (even on cold and rainy days), loves brain teasers and puzzles, and her kind and friendly nature turns fiercely competitive on the badminton court!

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