Ela’s belly dance story began when she was a Psychology student in Poland. She was looking for something to help her balance body and mind, and discovered that belly dancing offered exactly what she needed!

Because belly dancing became such an important part of her life, when she moved to the UK in 2013 finding a belly dance school was top of her agenda, and that’s when her journey with the Fleur Estelle Dance School began. After taking many courses with us she joined the Troupe, and then embarked on Fleur’s teacher training programme to become an instructor at FEDS.

Ela is a joyful teacher with endless patience and a sharp eye for detail who loves to guide and support her students as they work towards their own goals. She’s a graceful dancer who particularly shines with props like veils and fanveils.

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What are just some of the things you love about belly dancing?
Belly dance helped me to develop confidence, get to know and appreciate myself better. I could not imagine living without it. I’m grateful to have met so many wonderful people during my belly dance journey. One of my greatest passions is learning and belly dance is a constant source of fascinating new challenges 🙂

What do you love about performing on stage?
Being on stage is a whirlwind of emotions, first nervousness and butterflies. Then the music starts, dancing, just go with the flow, don’t think, everyone in harmony, just how it should be. Suddenly, clapping and applause, and the realisation that it’s over. But, the feeling of excitement and happiness remains for a long time.

You’d never guess…

Ela’s cupboards are filled with… board games (20+ at the last count!), she loves travelling (her favourite destinations are castles and mountains), and she can spend hours watching animated feature films (Coco, Up, Zootopia, Wreck-it Ralph, How to train your dragon, Wall-E… you name it, she loves it!).

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