As a child, Koshtana always dreamt of being a dancer – and spent many happy hours dancing in her bedroom to Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album! But before she came ‘home’ to belly dancing, she took a little detour via a passion for karate. (Well, a 15 year detour!)

While learning (and then teaching) martial arts, Koshtana nurtured her enthusiasm for the discipline, training and teamwork involved. When she started belly dancing, she was naturally able to apply the same enthusiasm as she developed and refined her belly dance skills.

Koshtana adores teaching, and finds so much joy in sharing her knowledge with her students. She watches with great pride as they develop their own abilities, and find their own belly dance home. (And she’s also great at adding a happy dose of the party spirit to her Shaabi classes!)

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How does belly dancing make you feel?
Belly dancing was something I had only seen on TV and was really mesmerised by it. I tried out lots of different dance styles to find a form of exercise that would also lift my mood and finally fell in love with the first belly dance classes at Fleur Estelle Dance School. I remember thinking: “Hey, I might actually be able to do this and learn this dance!” It just made me feel great! I was searching for a fun way to exercise and found so much more. Belly dancing makes me feel full of joy and brings out the best in me.

Why do you love to teach belly dance?
I love to share my knowledge and see my students progress and develop. I’m very proud of my students. It’s one of my ” happy places” in life. Students always share with you so much good energy. Belonging to my belly dance family is a big part of my life, and it just feels right to be in the studio teaching and on stage!

How has belly dancing changed your life?
Belly dancing has changed my life in so many ways. It has become the central thing in my life. It definitely has made me feel that I know what I want to do and what I can be good at. It has definitely made me a much happier and more focused person and opened up so many doors that I would have never imagined before. It makes me feel that I have a real purpose.

You’d never guess…

Koshtana is a total night owl, loves Wing Chun, always has a coffee in her hand (or is on her way to go and get a coffee!) and is forever being asked how she gets her hair to be so spectacularly voluminous!

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What our students say

The classes were amazing, well organised and lots of fun, but challenging at the same time. Really enjoyed classes with Kostana, as she could explain everything very well, had lots of patience and created great atmosphere. Highly recommend! ~ Natalia

Koshtana is a brilliant teacher and made the class very enjoyable. She always encouraged us and her friendly and relaxed approach allowed me to be the same.  Would highly recommend her class. ~Rajkumarie

I really enjoyed the lessons. Our instructor (Koshtana) was really patient with us and she really enjoys what she does so it made it easier and fun to learn ~ Martha

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Koshtana was wow! She is a very nice girl and everyone was pleased. Birthday girl very happy, thank you for making it. ~Ehsan (Birthday Party in Ealing)