Oloma’s incredibly positive energy and “can do” attitude is an inspiration to all who learn from her.

Originally intended as a method to stay fit, a belly dance DVD led Oloma to discover a passion for the dance, its musical heritage and enticing movements. She took her first class with Fleur and never looked back.

Over the course of her intensive training, her favourite belly dance style or prop changed more or less every month (and her collection of Isis Wings grew rapidly too!). Her heart lies with the more energetic areas of belly dancing, including Drum Solo and Saidi Cane, and she loves to help her students find and nurture their own belly dance passions.

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How does belly dancing make you feel?
It makes me feel like I am doing the right thing and that I have found such a passion. I have never felt like drilling any move or listening to any song was a waste of time. Every aspect of the dance feels so worth it to me.

What do you love about teaching at the Fleur Estelle Dance School?
Specifically at FEDS, our students are some of the loveliest people I have met. I love watching them support each other. The supportive atmosphere is not only great to be around but for sure upgrades the standard of dancing when you feel you are in a comfortable, non judgmental environment. Also I love being a part of a student’s dance progress and helping them get serious results.

What inspires you to keep belly dancing year after year?
There is always something more to learn. Many have said “belly dance is a journey” – this is just so true. I also feel the more you know, the more there is to know. I have been doing this for years and still so much possibility left for me!

You’d never guess…

Oloma loves learning languages, can’t live without chocolate and spent much of her early childhood memorising Tina Turner songs and dance routines then forcing her family to watch her perform them!

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