Shaddy first took belly dance classes while at university in Aberdeen, and instantly connected with the artform. Her Persian background means she’s able to combine the fun femininity of classic belly dancing with the cheekiness and expressiveness of Persian dancing. She’s also a big fan of Bollywood dancing, and the proud owner of plenty of bangles and bindis too!

Shaddy is a very patient and committed teacher who loves to pass on her knowledge and skills to her students. She loves to enable her students’ journeys from beginners to performers, and to empower them with new skills and see their confidence develop.

In her lessons, Shaddy concentrates on performance techniques and professional detailing so that even beginners can add the ‘wow-factor’ into their dancing.

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How does belly dance teaching fit into your life as a mother?
Kaiya loves dancing with me! Every minute I don’t spend with her, I feel needs to be really worth the time away. I like the fact that teaching belly dance is an hour of exercise, an hour of development, an hour of fun, an hour of work, an hour of creativity and an hour of meditation… at least 6 hours of value all in 60 minutes!

How does belly dancing make you feel?
Feminine, graceful, powerful, joyful, social. The focus and the exercise combined with graceful movements, concentrating on the details of the movement and even just seeing yourself in a full body mirror for an extended period of time whilst listening to engaging music, I think is one of the most healing and meditative activities one can perform.

Has belly dancing changed your life?
I always loved dance but was never the ‘good’ one in any class. Belly dance has shown me there’s an art for everyone and has strengthened my confidence that with the right support, we can all learn things we never thought possible.

You’d never guess…

Shaddy loves a debate! She studied Philosophy and Music at university and can’t resist tackling a theory with a group of friends and plenty of tea. She also loves animals, and not just the cute and fluffy kinds… watching David Attenborough documentaries with her husband is a deeply held Sunday tradition!

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