What our students say

After more than twenty years dedicated to oriental dance, and after having traveled all over the world teaching and receiving oriental dance classes, confinement (Covid-19 lockdown) gave me the opportunity to receive classes with one of my favorite dancers via zoom: Fleur Estelle.

I have always liked her choreographic manner and technique, and how she works with her company on stage. I could never imagine that her classes were going to give me back the illusion and magic that I felt the first years when I started dancing.

In addition to her extensive knowledge and pedagogical ability, she is accompanied by an aura of simplicity and light.

~ Helena Rull

(Belly dance school owner in Granada, Spain) https://en.helenarull.com/

This is an excellent, professional school with a variety of classes, belly dancing styles, levels and instructors. All courses are well structured, instructors are enthusiastic and professional! End of term shows are always fun and creative! I would highly recommend it.

~ Katya

A wonderful Bellydance school, inspiring teachers, a place to make friends, laugh and share our love for shimmies. I look forward to every lesson!

~ Leilah

I discovered Fleur’s classes in 2008 when I attended one of her drop-ins on a whim and unexpectedly fell in love with the music and dance style. From then on, I’ve been hooked on it and have studied various styles and levels with many of the instructors at FEDC.

Working in a stressful IT job, belly dance is a wonderful way to exercise and de-stress after work. It also adds a bit of femininity and glamour to my life that I wouldn’t otherwise have. I have performed in all the shows at end of each term, which have brought me out of my comfort zone, given me a great confidence boost and even inspired me to perform my own solo, all of which was unthinkable to the much more reserved version of me walking into that first class in 2008!

I really appreciate the nurturing attitude Fleur and the other instructors have in their classes – they make you feel welcome, explain the moves clearly and the classes are always fun. The School is very inclusive to everyone of all shapes, sizes, nationalities and ages. The atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is so friendly. It is a lovely feeling belonging to the community. I recommend the school to everyone I meet – it has truly changed my life!

~ Annabella

Fleur Estelle Dance school is like joining one big community of shimmies and sparkles!

The instructors are highly professional, dedicated and supportive. Every lesson is really well thought out, with each move broken down to a minute level so you can master them and feel confident.

The end of term shows are incredible! It feels overwhelming (in a really good way) to be surrounded by literally nearly 200 passionate and inspired performers from the school, with everyone cheering each other on. I felt proud to be a part of it!


Great teachers fun classes and very well organised with a defined syllabus by level. Easy and fun to progress!

~ Eleonore

An exceptional journey exploring the femininity and fluidity of belly dancing, accompanied by mesmerising music and an in depth and concise breakdown of movements. Beautiful!

~ Penelope

I have been following classes with Fleur Estelle Dance School for over 3 years and I haven’t come across a class or teacher that I didn’t love! The atmosphere in the school is so supporting and relaxed. The business element of running a large school never stands in the way of making sure you feel loved. You will encouraged to go beyond your comfort zone, but never forced.

They will get the best out of you and stimulate you to get fit and improve your self-esteem at the same time!

The showcase at the end of each term is an amazing experience. It is so much fun to be in this community! There is no competition, we are all there for the same reason: we love bellydance and we are all trying to improve ourselves in the most fun way. We are all nervous, we all make mistakes, but the minute anyone comes close to being bummed out, there is not a single person who won’t tell you how amazing you looked on stage. No matter how many variations or improvisations you do, you will feel loved after the show. Like the shiny, shimmying star you are!

~ Chantal

I love Fleur Estelle dance school! The teachers are amazing, the courses are well structured and you get really good advice on course progression! I cannot recommend any of these courses enough! It’s so much fun and I have met some of the most amazing people! I am absolutely addicted to belly dance now!!

~ Zoe

It’s been an absolute pleasure to learn belly dance with Fleur, Arina, Oloma and Dionne and it is no exaggeration to say that it has transformed my life! I now shimmy while brushing my teeth in the morning (with an optional chest circle), do at least ten prop turns before leaving the house and have a gorgeous smile all day long.


group belly dance classes

I’ve always loved dancing and have been performing all my life, but I came to Fleur Estelle after recovering from a serious road accident which left my confidence shattered.

I started coming to the drop-in classes casually but very quickly became obsessed with belly dancing! I’m still working on rebuilding my confidence and the range of courses and variety of instructors has meant I’m able to work on that and develop skills in the areas I choose.

The clearly goal-oriented nature of the courses really helps me see and understand my progress, too. Not to mention that I’ve discovered a whole new area of creativity – I can’t thank all of you enough!

~ Lizzie

class visits

So much fun! Lana explained everything so clearly and it was a really enjoyable experience, and a great work out on the arms (surprisingly).

~ Emily

Arina is an amazing teacher. She is very technical and explains the moves very clearly. She also brings so much positive energy and fun to the class that I always leave the class feeling inspired and happy! I definitely recommend her classes to everyone 🙂

~ Katia

I have been attending Fleur Estelle’s bellydance classes for few years now and I love every minute. The instructors are passionate and very friendly which it makes learning a great fun. I always forget all my problems when I am in the class. I wish that I was able to do more courses every month. Belly dancing is also very useful for my acting career as in many occasions they do ask me to do belly dance scenes so I feel grateful that I have a knowledge of belly dance. I will highly recommend Fleur Estelle bellydance and I know that people will come back to thank me for my recommendation.

~Vasoula Christodoulou

I’ve been away from belly dancing for 5 years and coming back had me a little anxious but Yazmin’s level 3 class was very welcoming and good. She was very helpful with her students and her classes were very entertaining. I hope I can dance with Yazmin’s class again one day in the future.  I’d highly recommend the level 3 class to everyone!

~ Danika

Dancing with Fleur is fun, fun, FUN! Fleur is amazing teacher who is so full of enthusiasm and radiant energy. She really cares about her students and makes sure bellydance is a beautiful, fun and life-affirming experience for all. Dancing in her classes always makes me smile and puts me on a high. Thank you Fleur! <3

~Roshni Dominic

I have been with Fleur for almost 4 years, and started my journey with Dionne and her Bellydance class. She is a very attentive and kind teacher, this was a great introduction to this school for me. I felt very supported and encouraged to keep going with the classes. She is always so calm and has developed the nick name of being an “OM” woman by most of the students as she is so patient and skillful with us all.

Her support led me to my next experience with the Tribal Fusion style, which I fell in love with immediately. These classes are with Arina, who loves setting challenges for her students and equally guides them to achieving these goals. Whenever I have lessons and a choreography to learn with her I always feel that I have achieved something. The movements are powerful, demanding but also very expressive and beautiful, as Is Arina. If you want to expand your dancing skills Tribal Fusion will definetly help you.

My next teacher was Oloma who has incredible amounts of energy that is very inspiring. I had a Drum Solo lesson with her and felt I learnt so many movements in each session, she is very graceful and you can only feel happy in these lessons.

Also, I have tried some prop classes and technical courses that are really well structured and it has given me many beautiful experiences and ideas to work with.

I thoroughly recommend Fleur Estelle Dance School for all the classes, the performance opportunities and ongoing progressions in level of accomplishment for all the dance styles they teach. You will gain increased self awareness in your movement, great exercises to continue with and the chance to build new friendships.

~Monika Sumegi

Lana was a lovely instructor to work with. It’s so clear that she enjoys dancing and that she wants the class to enjoy it as well. She was inviting and made the atmosphere great for learning and developing. I can’t wait to take the next class and perfect my shimmy and snake arms!

I had been particularly nervous about taking the class as I had recently put on a significant amount of weight, but I was never made to feel uncomfortable or out of my depth or comfort zone. All of the ladies in the group were supportive of each other and clearly just wanting to enjoy themselves…if you’re thinking about it I would certainly suggest you give it a go!


We three rather elderly dancers enjoyed it tremendously, Lana was wonderful and we all came out with a big smile on our faces.  Not only had we had a most interesting time learning some basic belly-dancing moves, but felt we’d had a terrific work-out as well.  No ill-effects the next day either which was another bonus. I would recommend this class to anyone. Thank you again so much.

~ Alison

I really enjoyed the lessons. Our instructor (Koshtana)  was really patient with us and she really enjoys what she does so it made it easier and fun to learn.

~ Martha

We all had a real blast. Learning the moves was very bonding and so much fun. The mothers loved it, the girls loved it, we were all smiling and laughing and enjoying the music and dancing so much.

We learned something new and it gave the night a bit of structure too. Memorable, can’t recommend it enough! Arina was very impressive and knew exactly how to pitch the class – we all really liked her 🙂

~ Meriem

I highly recommend this school. Fleur Estelle is definitely the best classical belly dancer I have seen and a great teacher, breaking down moves clearly and precisely and making dancing fun. Arina is completely mesmerising to watch doing Tribal Fusion and I have done her course for several years now – great for core and spine strength and health with intense and sensual movements.

~ Kimberley

I am so happy i found the confidence to join fleur’s belly dance school. It has really helped me be more confidence within myself and its a great to meet all the new people in your class who share a similar interest in dance. it has really expanded my music knowledge and introduces me to so many amazing songs that i would have never known about.

Its a great course if you are just doing it for fun, exercise or as a hobby but it is also a brilliant course if you want to take up belly dance on a more serious level. The teachers are really sweet and the best bit is that you get to perform in an end of term performance which is always a shimmy-tastic night of fun and celebration!

~ Ereda