Course Transfers

Course Transfers

Life happens, and sometimes you have no choice but to drop out of the course you’ve booked. We understand!

So, although our course fees are non-refundable, we’re happy to offer a course transfer option, where possible.

If you’ll miss the majority of the classes on the course you’re enrolled on (i.e. more than 6 classes on a 10-week course, or more than 3 classes on a 5-week course), you have two transfer choices:

  • You can transfer your enrolment to a friend/relative
  • You can apply to transfer your enrolment to the following term (subject to availability)

We do our very best to accommodate preferred transfer options, but – as we’re sure you’ll understand – we can only operate within the limits of our resources, and in a way that’s fair to all of the students at our School.

With this in mind, this is the system we have in place for course transfers:

  • We’ll ask you to email us to request your transfer (below), and we’ll acknowledge receipt of your email within 48 hours
  • We’ll then contact you during (or close to the start of) the first week of the following term to let you know which courses have availability, and which you can transfer to
  • You’ll need to let us know within 48 hours of our offer email whether or not you’d like to accept one of the course options we offer you

Please note transfer requests cannot be backdated. Please tell us ASAP if you know you can no longer make a course, and only if this request is made within the same term as the course you’re missing can we process it.

When we get in touch with your transfer options…

  • We won’t necessarily be able to offer you a new course in time for the first class (but we’ll do our best!) because course transfers can’t be reserved in advance
  • This is because we can only offer transfers to courses that aren’t fully booked, so we can only let you know your options when we know which courses are available
  • Sometimes, we don’t know this until the new term has started, in which case we may only be able to offer you a new course starting from week 2
  • And just so you’re aware, we aren’t able to offer a replacement class for week 1 if we can only offer you a transfer to start from week 2
  • Having said this, if it looks likely that your preferred course will have sufficient space, we’ll normally grant your transfer in time for the first class
  • We are usually able to offer a range of course transfer options, so even if your first choice isn’t available, perhaps you’ll stumble across a new style to fall in love with if you take one of the alternative courses we offer you 🙂

We do everything we can to accommodate our students’ preferred options. But, we also have to keep in mind that normal business rules apply, and so we occasionally have to have a few structures (like the above) in place to keep things running smoothly. This helps us to ensure we’re delivering a fair service to every individual, as well as ensuring our continued ability to provide the courses and classes we currently offer. If you experience a little frustration during the transfer process, we would ask you to keep in mind that the rules are there for good reason, and not just to be annoying!

If you’d like to request a course transfer, please scroll down to email us. And you can also find some FAQs further down the page in case you need any extra info.

Request a course transfer

If you’d like to request a course transfer, please email us (or submit the form below), and let us know which course you’re currently enrolled on, and which course(s) on which days you’d be happy to consider taking next term.

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    Course transfer FAQs

    I want to transfer my enrolment – can I choose in advance which course I want to transfer to next term?
    Unfortunately not, because we can only offer places on courses that aren’t fully booked. This means we can’t reserve a place in advance because we don’t know if that particular course will be sold out or not by the time term starts.

    If my preferred course is fully booked, what will you offer me instead?
    We’ll do our best to give you several options so you can pick a course that you think you’ll enjoy, even if it’s not your first choice. And, hey, belly dance is belly dance, right?!

    How does it work if I want to transfer my enrolment to a friend/relative?
    Easy peasy – simply email us to let us know. If your transferee wants to continue with the course the same term, we’ll update the class register. Or, if your transferee wants to start a new course the following term, we’ll register the transfer request and contact them in the normal way, as explained above.

    What if I can’t take a course the following term?
    If you request a transfer and then discover that you aren’t able to attend the following term, we’ll usually be able to carry your transfer over to the next term. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to carry a transfer over for more than two terms in a row, but we will do our best if you find yourself in this situation.

    Can I get a refund instead of transferring my enrolment?
    We aren’t able to offer refunds for courses/classes that have been booked and paid for, and we have made sure our no refund policy is clearly visible at the time of booking on our website. Booking a course with us isn’t like buying a pair of leggings at a shop, because the course you book can’t be ‘returned’, and the course will continue to run, even if you’re not at the classes. We’re committed to covering each course’s venue hire fees and instructor fees, which means it’s not financially possible for us to refund your course payment.

    What happens if you cancel the course?
    In the rare event that we have to take the decision to cancel a course, we will refund your payment in full because the course won’t be going ahead.