Why belly dance?

Why Belly Dance?

Belly dancing is a holistic activity. It’s a beautiful art-form, full of creativity and femininity. It grounds you, it inspires you, it nourishes your soul. Not only does it benefit your whole body, it has to power to impact every aspect of your life.

Movement matters. Loving your body matters. Self-love heals.

Relieve stress, awaken your core, strengthen your mind-body connection and enjoy a dance that is a natural movement to the skeleton. The numerous physical benefits of belly dance are widely appreciated*; such as:

  • Improved posture and walk
  • Muscle lengthening and strengthening
  • Stretched and relaxed abdomen, improved digestion & internal organs’ function
  • Low impact exercise that can be tailored to all fitness abilities
  • Increased strength, flexibility, grounded balance & endurance
  • Lengthened lower lumbar spine & joint lubrication
  • Opened chest and increased rib-cage mobility
  • Increased hip mobility and activity

…the rush of happy endorphins that comes from moving to music, and many more!

But often overlooked are the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Belly dance has the power to activate self-healing.

Be inspired by the words of our students and instructors here below!

*Note: Just like any form of exercise, along with the benefits there are contraindications and risks too, so do check with your physician before joining, go at your own pace and always listen to your body when dancing

Surround yourself with colourful coinbelts!

One of the greatest benefits of belly dancing is that it gives you a reason to feel good! And as a dance, it’s not just about the techniques. There are so many aspects of the wonderful world of belly dancing that we love and that are beneficial in so many ways… and we hope you’ll love them too!

“Belly dancing is my sanctuary.” – Fleur Estelle

A sense of empowerment

Belly dancing can teach you how to really live in your body, and to celebrate everything that you are. Learning the techniques and understanding how to move with grace, elegance and control can create a priceless sense of empowerment. The chance to challenge yourself and push out of your comfort zone – and to successfully dance beyond it – can be such a wonderful boost to self-esteem and confidence.

You’d be amazed how many students transform themselves over the course of 10 weeks from nervous, shy dancers to confident performers who can’t wait to shimmy on stage at the end of term show!

“It is a huge self-esteem booster when your own body impresses you.” – Katia

A natural and enjoyable way to exercise

When you’re belly dancing, you’re not necessarily aware of quite how much you’re exercising because it can be so much fun. The movements used in belly dancing work naturally with the body, not against it. It’s generally a low impact form of exercise – although there are plenty of opportunities to increase the intensity if you want to! The techniques teach you how to strengthen, lengthen and isolate your muscles – and not just your core muscles, but all your muscles. It’s not just your belly you use… from your neck to your toes, and your fingers to your knees, belly dancing uses and moves every part of your body. Lengthened, strengthened and toned muscles can help with posture and flexibility, and keep you supple, grounded and balanced.

“I have always been into dances since an early age… but only belly dance gives me the distinctive feeling that my body was made for it.” – Anna

A connection between body and mind

We take a holistic approach to belly dancing within our School, and we encourage students to build their confidence and self-esteem by promoting inner beauty and ability. When you learn the techniques, you develop (or increase) your awareness of what your body’s doing – and what it’s capable of doing. You learn to feel at home in your body, and become mindful of how you move.

“I now shimmy while brushing my teeth in the morning (with an optional chest circle), do at least ten prop turns before leaving the house and have a gorgeous smile all day long.” – Diana

A way to reduce stress

The nature of belly dancing is calming and grounded. The rhythmic movements, set against the backdrop of uplifting music, can really help to reduce and release stress. It does require concentration, too – which can shift the focus of your mind to the moment and the dancing. This means you can leave other worries and cares outside for a little while, until you’re re-energised and ready to tackle them again.

“I am a children’s emergency nurse and the best way for me to wind down is belly dancing, it takes me an hour to get to class but I make an effort to travel that far because I love it so much.” – Beena

A celebration of who you are

Belly dancing isn’t selective – there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ shape, size, age or gender. Your belly dance journey is about you, and who you are. You can explore the styles and fusions, discover your favourite moves, and the things that make you smile the most. Whether it’s the music you love, or the costumes, or the impressive muscle control you can develop – it’s about celebrating you and what makes you happy!

“Practising belly dance makes me focus on what I can do as opposed to what I look like, which is a more positive and mentally healthy attitude.” – Annabella

A connection between people

Within our School, we’ve cultivated a safe, supportive environment that enables students and instructors to encourage and celebrate each other. Meeting new people and sharing this beautiful artform with other dancers can create a wonderful energy that can brighten up an otherwise stressful day!

“Students and instructors inspire and support each other. It’s not a competitive environment – instead, students help each other embrace their individuality, and make each other feel good about themselves.” – Yazmin

A happy space in a hectic world

It’s often hard to find the time to really connect with ourselves and the moment while we’re living this hectic thing we call life. There are always jobs and chores to do, and rarely enough hours in the day. So, committing to a belly dance course can help you to make time for yourself – to simply dance! Lose yourself in the rhythms, the colours, the music – and know that the time is yours!

“In this very fast paced digital world, I love how grounded and in control belly dancing makes me feel, both of my body and the focus it helps give my mind.” – Sylvie

And of course, the music and the costumes!

Our list of recommended music artists grows longer by the day, and there’s so much incredible music out there that we can belly dance to. It’s almost impossible to resist the urge to start shimmying when the first few beats kick in – and the music in itself can be enough to make you feel good! Let alone the costumes… if dressing up is your thing, there are plenty of opportunities to feel and look beautiful with the swirling skirts, sparkly tops and colourful coinbelts!

“I love the belly dance music, upbeat music lifts my spirit, the lyrical ones make me more expressive.” – Shan Shan

Just in case you need any more reasons why belly dance is so great, check out our feature in The Huffington Post!