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Choreography Tutorial: Afghan Jalebi --> 6 bitesize videos (content available 1 year)

  • 52Weeks
  • 38Steps


WHEN? Designed for a few minutes commitment each day over 7 days However it's self-paced and the content is available for 1 year You can also do it all in one afternoon, the videos are short LEVEL Most suitable for Level 3+ dancers of our school (as it contains belly dance moves from our Levels 1, 2, and 3) however all are welcome DESCRIPTION Afghan Jalebi is the name of the bollywood song we dance to on Youtube here: Do you want to dance this choreography yourself? Perhaps perform it at an event or for your friends and family? Learning from just looking at a dance video is not always easy, so we created a tutorial with step by step instructions, filmed from the back into the mirror reflection. STRUCTURE 6 x bitesize chunks (1 each day, with the 7th day for revision & consolidation) Each day you have: - a breakdown of the sequence - assigning the count to the moves - pratice to music - technique snapshots (not full detail as this is a choreo tutorial, but a couple key points to help digest) - a quiz on the choreo content - an opportunity to upload your progress NOTE Warm up and stretch are not included in the videos, you're responsible for warming up your body before dancing and stretching your muscles after. This ritual nurtures your body, helps you dance more fluidly and helps prevent injury. DISCLAIMER As with any form of exercise, be sure to listen to your body and only do what feels comfortable for you. This choreography tutorial is not a substitute for a live belly dance class. It is a self paced series of short video recordings for you to use as information and integrate in your dance jourmey, please note that you are responsible for your personal health and safety at all times.

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