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Meet Sofia

Message from Sofia

I started belly dancing at Warwick university and immediately fell in love with it! What struck me most was the positivity and supportiveness in the community, the strong team power and of course getting lost in the beautiful dance. I started performing and organised numerous events for the students of the society and invited Fleur to come teach workshops - this is where we first met!


When I moved to London I joined the Fleur Estelle School as a student. I was so pleased to discover this thriving community in London as I was I totally worried I wouldn’t find the feeling of a society again after uni! It was a great way to meet new people, make friends all whilst enjoying dancing and learning. The Fleur Estelle Showcase was my personal favourite: getting together as a group of friends and all rehearsing/ sharing the excitement and nervousness of a performance is the greatest feeling and such a bonding experience! And helping each other pick accessories backstage before the show of course!


I loved this school so much and wanted to keep challenging and growing as a dancer so joined the Fleur Estelle Dance Company troupe. It has been such an incredible experience and have seen myself be stretched and challenged continuously. I have so many things I love about the troupe so it is hard to pick one! Is it the performances at gigs? The chance to choreograph? The wonderful friends you make? The challenges you overcome and the feeling of pushing yourself to your limit? The feeling of all being part of a team and helping each other with costumes, performances and life events? The feeling of synchronicity as you dance in tune with each other? Joining the troupe has felt like joining a family and I am so grateful to be able to share my love, passion and dedication for belly dance and make friends whilst doing so :) this is so much more than a dance for me, the dance, the people, the music is all integrated into my life and I am forever grateful to be where I am.

I want to watch people grow and give back to this society that has helped me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Message from Fleur

Sofia is one of the friendliest and thoughtful dancers I've met! I already knew she'd be fantastic teacher even before we started teacher training because of her incredibly caring nature. She not only performs with mesmerising charisma and stage presence, she's also a dedicated instructor full of love for our students. She thinks ahead about what the students might need and is always on the lookout for how we can inspire students with new choreographies, how to develop their skills and feel comfortable with the various movements.

Sofia's strong organisation skills have lead her to organise events at Warwick and also take the lead on some of our troupe shows, being in charge of the group and ensuring everyone is happy and ready for performance is one of her many, many strengths.

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Discover more about Sofia

  • Performed in London and Southampton, Suffolk, Durham, Warwick, Maidstone, Telford

  • London performances at the Old Billingsgate, The Langham, The Waldorf Hilton, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, St Ethelburga's Centre, International Maritime Organization, Devonshire Square

  • Taught our weekend zoom classes for over a year in 2021-2022 as well as welcoming students back to our studio in Covent Garden after the covid lockdowns

  • Treasurer and president of Warwick belly dance society (between 2015-2017)

  • Advanced salsa and bachata dancer and loves Latin dance influences

  • Taught and choreographed many dances with Warwick, including for large dance events with 20-30 performers

  • Loves sports, traveling, spontaneous adventures and participating in charity events (e.g raised money for the 3 peaks challenge - climbing 3 mountains in 24 hours)

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Productions Sofia has joined us on!

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